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Car Pulling to One Side? Kunes Service Center Helps You Stay on Track

Published on Apr 3, 2023 by Talia Mushinsky

Do you find it difficult to keep your car straight on the road? Does it feel like it's veering to one side?

If that's the case, you're right to suspect that something might be wrong. A pulling car can be more than just an annoyance; it can also pose a safety risk. The issue could stem from uneven tire pressure, misaligned wheels, or a deteriorated suspension system, among other factors. In this guide, we'll delve into the reasons a car might pull to one side and offer some simple troubleshooting suggestions!

Pinpoint the Problem

When you notice your car veering to one side, your first move should be to figure out the specifics of the issue. Does your car consistently veer to the right or left? Does it veer when you speed up or only when you apply the brakes? Identifying these details and relaying them to your technician can help them zero in on the potential cause and address the problem more effectively.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Inadequate tire pressure is a leading cause of a car feeling like it's veering to one side. When tires are over or under-inflated, your car may appear to be tilted, causing it to veer from right to left in a swaying motion. Addressing this issue is crucial since improper tire pressure can also result in tire wear issues down the line. Locate your recommended tire pressure and visit your nearest air fill station to inspect and/or refill your tires.

What About Your Alignment?

If you're sure your tires are at the suggested tire pressure, ask yourself, "When was my last wheel alignment?" If you can't recall, it's possible that misaligned wheels are causing your car to veer. In this situation, you may also notice uneven tread wear, a skewed steering wheel, or tires that appear to be tilting inward. Our skilled technicians will modify steering and suspension components during a wheel alignment to ensure that all adjustable angles meet the manufacturer's guidelines, resulting in a smooth, stable ride.

Schedule A Complete Vehicle Inspection

If your car veers to one side while braking and you're certain that your tires are at the recommended pressure levels and correctly aligned, you might be dealing with a sticking brake caliper or an obstructed brake line. Your calipers apply pressure to your brake pads, which then come into contact with the rotor. If one of your calipers doesn't apply the necessary pressure due to being stuck, your vehicle may begin to veer in the opposite direction. Brake issues, whether minor or major, pose a significant safety threat. If you suspect your car has a brake problem, visit your professional technician at Kunes Delavan Ford Service Center ASAP.

Kunes Ford of Delavan Service Center Can Keep Your Vehicle Steady

There are various other potential causes of a vehicle veering to one side, such as a faulty wheel bearing, worn steering linkage, a miscalibrated steering angle sensor, or a deteriorated tie rod—all of which can be challenging to diagnose independently and could be hazardous if left unaddressed. If you're experiencing car veering, prioritize your safety and seek help from a professional Kunes technician. Pay close attention to the circumstances under which the car starts veering and whether the veer is continuous. Then, bring your vehicle to  Kunes Ford of Delavan Service Center for an inspection, and we'll help keep you on the right path!

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