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2022 Ford Bronco Sport Review

Published on Sep 16, 2022 by Alex Gaziano

First Glance

If you are looking for a compact SUV that can handle the open road, off-road terrain, and look good doing it, the Ford Bronco Sport might be the SUV for you! We decided to see what the revived Ford SUV brings to the table in a recent test drive of the blue ovals newest (kinda) SUV. 


The interior of the Bronco Sport is adequate for a SUV in its class. On the seats you will see Ford has its classic sport cloth in lower trims and leather in upper trims. The smart-charging USB ports are a huge added bonus to the vehicle as it comes with USB-A, USB-C, 12V and 110V in the Badlands® trim level. Something that often gets overlooked and is very important is the safari-style roof. This adds much more room in the cab and doesn’t make taller individuals feel cramped.  A majorly undervalued feature in a vehicle that we all cherish is seen all throughout this vehicle and that is, of course, cupholders!. The Bronco Sport has a solid eight cup holders throughout the vehicle, which seems like a lot for a smaller SUV. 


Another nice interior feature is the tucked away shelf in the dash that perfectly fits most mobile phones. It seems a lot of vehicles never have a convenient spot to put a cellphone, but that is not an issue with the Bronco Sport. We have all had the experience of our cell phone sliding in between the seat and center console. This convenient shelf really is a perfect place to keep your phone, wallet or anything else we want out of the way but in reach. Another noticeable feature is that despite the compact design of the Bronco Sport, there is plenty of headroom for everyone. The seats are comfortable and the trim levels with cloth are actually very comfortable and have a leather like slickness to it.


What is the Tech like on a Bronco Sport?

Ford brings its innovative SYNC 3 technology to the Bronco which is not bad for a vehicle with an MSRP in the low $30,000 range. Overall, the Bronco sport comes with an abundance of safety features like lane assist, pre-collision assist, and not only a rear camera but side sensors that alert you of oncoming vehicles when backing out of a tight parking spot. As typical with most new Ford models a major emphasis is put on supplying the driver and passengers with ample power outlets from the typical auxiliary power outlets to USBs throughout the vehicle.


Owners Perspective

  1. What made you decide to buy a Bronco Sport? I spent a good 6 months watching, researching and dreaming about the Ford Bronco Sport. My 2017 Chevrolet Traverse was well-loved (three kids), well traveled (approaching 100,000 miles) and felt dated compared to the vehicles out there. The Bronco Sport quickly became my “car crush”, even more so when they were snatched off dealer lots so quickly. My initial hesitation about not having a third row was the biggest thought that hindered my path to purchase. I had it stuck in my head that I needed that third row. That "safety net" was really just me facing the reality that at any given point in time, actually having all three kiddos in the car (plus more) wasn't a reality. Most often I am dropping off or picking up one at a time, or commuting to work five-days a week (40 minutes each way) by myself after dropping them all off at school. One afternoon after over-thinking a test drive, I was talking to some peers at work that validated what my family was saying… "you don't need a third row". That afternoon I finally decided to go on that test drive and three-days later, I was an over-the-top proud owner of a Ford Bronco Sport! I haven't missed my previous vehicle once since that day!


  1. Why the Outer Banks trim level? The Outer Banks trim felt like the best fit for me because of the add-ons the Base Trim didn't offer. Aesthetically speaking, I really loved the look of the leather trimmed front seats. Also, the functionality of the zippered pockets on the driver and passenger seat were perfect for my backseat riders. On a regular basis I am dropping off the kids at school, heading to and from practices and of course traveling for their games. The zipped pockets make it easy to tuck away some of the backseat must-haves like nerf guns, phone chargers and snacks. The selfish mom side of me loved that  the upgrade from the Base Trim included a heated steering wheel, heated seats and the option to remote start (and lock/unlock) with the FordPass app. I love technology and staying warm during cold Wisconsin winters, so these features were a perfect match for me.


  1. Something you wish you could change about your Bronco Sport? Coming from a Chevy Traverse owner, where I had three rows, there are small things I miss a little bit. I wish the Bronco Sport had a tad bit more backseat legroom. I have a 5-year old seat kicker and I used to be able to adjust the seats to where he could barely reach. The easy solution was moving him to behind the passenger seat! Second, I do miss having a remote to open the liftgate, that is not an option on the Bronco Sport. However, I do love the flip-up rear glass when the car is full and I need to shove one more thing in there!


Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed the compact, but not cramped feel of the Bronco Sport. As I drove around I realized that it is quite a comfortable ride and is more enjoyable than many vehicles in its class. I especially liked the size of the vehicle if you are someone who normally would like a sedan with a little extra room. While the Bronco Sport is not great at being fuel efficient it is not nearly as bad as a bigger SUV or truck at a combined MPG of 26.


I also very much enjoy the many different color options that the Bronco Sport is available in. My personal favorites are Area 51, Hot Pepper Red, and Alto Blue Metallic. An odd feature that can be very useful to the right person is the MOLLE Strap System. This is great for holding a water bottle, hiking equipment, or any essentials for your next adventure. The Bronco Sport really shines in its top level Badlands trim as it has the upgraded 2.0L ecoboost engine and all the upgraded perks. If you are looking for more of a daily drive the mid-level Big Bend and Outer Banks trims will offer a great package at a more affordable price. All in all the Bronco Sport is a compact SUV that is here to stay and we look forward to watching how Ford evolves this smash hit in the years to come. 


If you are fan of the Bronco Sport but want something bigger, no worries the Ford Bronco is bigger and has even more off-road prowess!

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